Stiles Elementary School

Dear Friends,

First and foremost, thank you so much for your support during 2017! It has been an exciting year of growth and impact at CIS of Central Ohio. As we continue to support students facing numerous challenges and barriers to their academic and personal success, I am so encouraged by the tremendous impact the CIS Site Coordinators have on the students and schools they support every day! We could not do this work without YOU!

Have a wonderful and peace filled holiday season!

Warm Regards,
Amy Gordon, Executive Director, LSW

Spotlight Series: Stiles Elementary School

Stiles Elementary School celebrates Awesomeness

At Stiles Elementary School, a South-Western City School, students are encouraged, celebrated, and supported through grassroots activities and programs developed by seasoned CIS Site Coordinator Shannon Wealther. Shannon has invested heavily in getting to know the needs of students and families at Stiles, studying research briefs, and working with staff and parents to develop many initiatives that are building kids up at Stiles.

The Awesome Awards were born out of the desire to recognize every student in the school for their growth.

“For many students, the only time their parents were contacted by the 
school was when they were having a problem. We wanted to change
the culture at Stiles so that every parent could come into the school to
celebrate their child’s successes.”

The Awesome Awards happen four times a year, and recognize every single student at Stiles Elementary in two ways. First, each student, encouraged by a growth mindset, fills out an “I am Awesome because………” card which is posted on the school walls. Then, one of the student’s teachers completes a “You’re Awesome because……….” card, which highlights something the student doesn’t see in himself/herself. Parents are invited into the school to celebrate these awards with their child and teacher in the classrooms.

Parents and Teachers United (Padres y Maestros Unidos) is a series of parent education workshops Shannon developed after surveying parents, meeting with staff, and analyzing research briefs. Workshop topics have included

  • Bullying,
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),
  • Internet Safety,
  • Assessment and Grades,
  • Immigration and Citizenship, and
  • Math and Literacy.

These programs have been very well attended, and have touched on many of the areas of stress and hardship for students and parents, giving them the education and support they need to succeed.

Kindness Week became a successful collaboration between Stiles, Youth to Youth and The Ronald McDonald Adventures in which all students were challenged to kindnessgoals and initiatives for an entire week. This week put kindness in the forefront of students’ minds as they practiced giving and receiving kindness from fellow classmates.

In addition to her many grassroots initiatives, Shannon works very closely with students and families in need at Stiles while collaborating with resource partnerships in the central Ohio area, such as providing food at the Fresh Produce Markets, weekly Buddy Bags, and household resources to families in need.

Through our amazing community partnerships, we are empowering students to stay in school and achieve MORE! Thank you so much for your continued support!