Southside Parent Engagement Program


The Communities In Schools Parent Engagement Program is a Southside prevention and early intervention service, offered as a systematic approach that promote strategies used to build Protective Factors in families:

  • healthy family relationships and mutual support
  • values
  • strengthen parenting
  • strengthen parental social
  • strengthen emotional health
  • facilitate children’s social and emotional development
  • respond to family crises
  • observe and respond to early warning signs of abuse and neglect
  • links families to services and opportunities.

The program helps families establish positive relationships with their children, their communities and their children’s schools, helping them navigate the various systems, and enabling them to be active participants in their children’s education.

We have a Site Coordinator who works with students in schools across the Southside feeder pattern, elementary through high School. Our Site Coordinator identifies the needs of not only students, but their families, and provides or connects services and interventions to address the assessed needs.

We work to empower parents by helping to meet basic needs, overall family needs and the school needs of their children, removing barriers that might prevent them from supporting and assuring the academic success of their children.

Evidenced Based Models Used: The program utilizes the Communities In Schools evidenced based model, the SAMSHA community based model and the SEARCH Institutes Parents Further model utilizing the 40 Developmental Assets for a healthy family and the 40 Developmental Assets for kid’s k-12.

This program is a collaboration and partnership focused on Columbus’ Southside and is funded by the ADAMH Board.