Our evidence-based approach, adapted to meet each community's unique needs, is the basis for our success

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Advocacy – How you can help


Legislation is headed to Congress that could provide millions of dollars in federal funds for the Communities In Schools programs that help over 1.3 million at-risk kids stay in school every year.

The reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)/No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is likely to begin this month. This is our best chance in years to reach even more kids.

Communities In Schools is working tirelessly to ensure the legislation includes funding for the evidence-based programs and strategies we know work. And we need your help.

We are asking the Senate Education Committee:

  • To include specific language allowing funding for “integrated student supports” (the core of what our site coordinators provide)
  • For a dedicated grant to empower educators to engage with Communities In Schools
  • To prioritize funding for programs with proven results

If we can put more Communities In Schools site coordinators in schools we can connect more of our nation’s most vulnerable children to food, academic support, mentors, health care and more. 

So please take action by sending a personal e-mail to your member of Congress before we lose the opportunity to make our voices heard. I need you to join our fight to direct federal education dollars into programs with proven results for at-risk kids.

The louder our voices, the greater the chance of success.

Your action will take less than five minutes. I have two young children myself, and I know the importance of things that do not take a lot of time! My kids are also the reason I know that this legislation is so critical.

Please take action by sending a personal e-mail to your member of Congress today.

Thank you. I look forward to keeping you informed and sharing ways you can help us change the picture of education for young people in need.


Dan Fuller
Vice President, Legislative Relations
Communities In Schools


Our Work

Communities In Schools of Central Ohio has been making a difference in the lives of students and schools since 1993. Our evidence-based approach, adapted to meet each community’s unique needs, is the basis for our success. Many children face challenges both inside and outside the classroom. Through a school-based site coordinator, Communities In Schools strategically aligns and delivers needed resources so that students can focus on learning.

The drop-out crisis affects not only the student, but our local community and our country as a whole.

Students that drop out are more likely to earn thousands less, live in poverty, suffer poor health, enter the criminal system and be dependent on government and social services.  This costs the United States billions of dollars in lost revenue and increased spending on government programs. The mission of Communities In Schools is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life by addressing both the academic and non-academic needs of students.

Cliffton Sparrow with the ELITE boys

Students with needs not addressed have a hard time learning   They may be hungry, lack parental involvement, be at risk of losing their housing, go without proper clothing and live in neighborhoods where there is violence, drugs and gangs. When students drops out, it closes a door on their dreams and ours.