Our Results

Communities In Schools is an evidence‑based, results‑driven organization. Our national database management tool, tracks, manages, evaluates and reports data and outcomes on our students, allowing for real‑time adjustments to the services being delivered to students. With the help of Learning Circle and CIS Data Management, CIS of Central Ohio can demonstrate the following during the 2016-2017:

Total Schools Served 13
Total Students impacted by Communities In Schools 3929
Total Students receiving individualized and targeted supports 582
Number of parents engaged by Communities In Schools 816
% of CM* students who met or progressed in their attendance 83%
% of CM students who met or progressed in their behavior 85%
% of CM students who met or progressed in their academics 80%
% of CM students who met or progressed in college/career readiness 94%
% of CM students who were promoted to the next grade 94%
% of CM students who graduated 89%
% of CM students who stayed in school 99%


You can view our 2015-2016 school year (data report here):


92% of students met their social and emotional learning goals through educational programming such as character education, bullying prevention, anger management, drug/alcohol prevention, violence prevention and improvements in school climate.


94% of students met their college and career readiness goals through college tours, applying to college, completing FASFA forms, career fairs, resume development and related supports.

Data Sources: CIS Data Management System, Learning Circle Education Services, ODE Report Cards

Impact Stories

We’re working with schools, families, students  to change the picture of education for our communities kids every year. Students who drop out of school are more likely to earn  thousands less in salaries, live in poverty, suffer poor health, enter the prison system and be dependent on government programs and social services.  The cost to our community and country is billions in lost revenue.

CIS of Central OH

Early Warning Indicators Spark Action

CIS of Central Ohio is accredited under a national framework of proven strategies that are research-based. Locally, our Site Coordinators also have an array of data points to guide their efforts. One such example is access to Early Warning Indicators data provided by school districts. This information helps our staff identify students early who are “at risk” for academic failure, dropping out, or being suspended for behavior ad attendance issues.

As a way to mitigate, modify and improve student behaviors, site coordinators often refer students to counseling, to small groups, or to more intensive one-on-one interventions.Our work equips students with positive ways to cope with anger, conflict resolution and other strategies to keep them focused on school. From one-on-one coaching to guest speakers and role-playing exercises, our hands-on approach helps students recognize patterns of behavior, break the cycle and see tangible improvements.

Our Communities In Schools Site Coordinators work collaboratively to connect hundreds of identified students in need to supportive services and resources in our community of support.

Alia is a student who had an F in Language Arts during the first school term. During the second term, her grade improved to a B, with an A+ on her Language Arts exam. What helped support this student’s academic improvements was our Site Coordinator’s work to connect the family to resources to help avoid eviction, connect the student to a take home snack program to address food insecurity at home, and linkage to a Christmas help program to support them financially.

Jawaun is a student who had 10 unexcused absences in October. His goal was to reach 90% attendance by the end of the school year. By the end of the second term, his attendance had improved to 84.5%, up from 78.2% in the prior term. Supports for this student include ongoing one-on-one meetings (averaging four times weekly) with his CIS Site Coordinator to complete work and discuss progress. He was also given an alarm clock and now meets with the attendance secretary to discuss potential consequences of continued attendance issues.

Meet Terryck through the eyes of his Site Coordinator

Terryck is a class of 2016 Mifflin High School Alum and current freshman at Ohio Dominican University, where his major is Biology-Chemistry. Terryck is a great example of the role Communities in Schools plays in our schools. Terryck was referred to me by a teacher due to lack of motivation. At Mifflin High School we conduct weekly mentoring groups that take place during lunch periods, Terryck was invited to attend. He quickly became a regular at our groups, sharing his opinions, and being a positive role model for underclassmen.

Gaining a relationship with Terryck, I learned what his goals for the future were, which were to study biology in college. Knowing Terryck had a strong interest in college, I signed him up for the monthly college tours that I scheduled. The tour to Ohio Dominican University convinced Terryck that was where he wanted to attend.

Seeing Terryck graduate was an great, but taking another class of students on tour to Ohio Dominican University, and this time having Terryck speak to the students about life after High School, and his freshman year was a great honor!

Momentum at Mifflin

Mifflin Middle School,a CIS school partner for four years,was recently honored as a recipient of the 2016 Momentum Award for achieving all A’s on the value-added component of their state report card. Presented by the State Board of Education, the Momentum Award recognizes schools for exceeding expectations for student academic growth. Schools must earn straight A’s on all value-added measures. The school must have at least two value-added student subgroups, which include gifted, lowest 20% in achievement, and students with disabilities.

“During this transition period, it’s especially impressive to see our schools adjusting quickly to the new, more rigorous standards,” said State Board of Education President Tom Gunlock. “The State Board of Education is proud to recognize these students, teachers, administrators, and parents for their hard work.”

Congratulations to Principal Tracey Colson, the students, teachers and parents at Mifflin Middle School, and CIS Site Coordinator Eboney Eldridge! We are so proud of you!